HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure - is the most common security protocol on the internet. It serves to help prevent attacks and prohibit data espionage.

HTTPS sites give reasonable assurance that the site is not fraudulent and that content and data are transmitted securely.

Although HTTP is heavily used to access site information, when the site allows the user to interact with and send information - such as a login and a password, for example - that information is sent to the recipient in an unprotected way , with the risk of being intercepted and visualized without our knowledge.

The HTTPS protocol adds a layer of security, which causes the data to be sent with encryption, making it imperceptible to anyone trying to view it.

Why is it important to migrate your site to a secure environment? The internet is an open and free-to-use platform, which means that there is no real policing of existing content or how it is made available and exchanged, despite the measures taken by telecommunications operators. That is why it is important to protect your information and that of your users against attacks, fraud or identity theft.

To have the site completely secure and fully benefit from SSL / TLS as well as get an SEO boost from it, it is critical to have the HTTPS protocol active on every page of your site.

Although it is an extra cost, it does not make sense to row against the chain when secure sites are becoming the standard.