Do you need software so that you can focus only on your business?

We can help your organization by custom-tailoring software when those on the market do not match your needs or would involve a major investment in customizations. This offer aims to improve the quality of service and efficiency of our customers.

Computed Life knows that every company is a company and that sometimes the applications on the market do not meet the needs of all customers or limit the running of your business. In addition, existing applications require a high training period and the adaptation of existing work processes to the application.   Our IT consultancy offers the following services:
  • We have a strong presence in sectors such as health, construction and online sales (e-commerce).
  • With the common goal of always being secure, robust and scalable, our applications respond to a wide range of usage scenarios.
  • We also offer consulting services in integrating our applications with other applications already existing in your company, so you can have your information streamlined among the various applications in your ecosystem.
  • We like to accompany our customers at all stages of the process, from the creation of the specifications, through the construction and validation, training and continuous monitoring of maintenance and support.
If you need our opinion, you can count on our availability without any type of commitment.