SEA is a way to ensure that your link appears on the first page where there are the most visits to sites.

SEA ( Search Engine Advertising ) are ads that appear on search engines when certain keywords are used.

This service is very used by businesses where there is a lot of competition for the same keyword (s) or when the site does not get a good position in the search engines through SEO. This is a way to ensure that the site link appears on the first page where there are the most visits to sites.

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The SEA is cost-effective because what you pay is the number of clicks on the link, not the number of times it appears in the results. PPC (pay per click) is the term given to this model. There are others with less common use.

For example, if you buy 100 clicks on a keyword, when someone searches for that keyword, the link will appear in the results. If the person clicks the link to go to the site, there are 99 clicks remaining. However, if that person does not click on the link, even though it appeared in the search results, the number of clicks remains the same. There is no loss because everything that is paid will give to the site. When the number of clicks reaches 0, the link disappears from the results paid until the service is renewed.

In general, users prefer to choose organic links. Still, if the user has to search with the intention of buying something, this tends to go to paid links because they are more specific to the product to buy.

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