Mobbi.Pro is a software solution recently developed by ComputedLife, presented as an App and a Web Portal based on Pro-Watch (Honeywell).

This solution was created from the necessity of our business partner, MGLR, to efficiently manage their clients’ parking. It includes several functionalities such as:

Real time parking spot availability
Car Sharing
Car Pooling
Innovative add-ons, such as Visitors Management, Meeting Room Bookings, and others.

Entirely developed by ComputedLife, to make our client’s life easier.

ComputedLife, we make your life easier!

Email marketing, as its name implies, is the use of email as a direct marketing tool.

It is the communication between a company and its consumers or potential customers via e-mail.

Unlike spam, email marketing must adhere to pre-defined rules and procedures and must have the consent of customers – even if that consent may be explicit or implicit, such as when we accept that our email is given to multiple entities or membership of databases that are not explicit. Other great features that distinguish email marketing from spam is that the first one seeks to deliver the right messages to the right people and the recipient has the option to remove from the mailing list or email basis by which they received the email. Because email is a widely used and democratic tool, it is normal for it to be one of the best ways to grow your business. There are several types of email marketing, the most common of which are: commercials, mass mailing and for the purpose of selling (promotions, for example); newsletters, usually informative and intended to bring people closer to a brand and create a trustworthy link; and e-mail, which are not massified but aimed at a specific user, and are usually part of company processes or related to customer service (such as confirmation of an online purchase, for example). But it’s not enough to just send email from the campaigns to the addresses that you have been collecting on a base, you need to analyze the results of the campaigns that are done so that the next ones can be even more successful. Through the statistics provided by the email marketing service provider you can see the opening rate, ie the number of people who opened your emails, and also realize the amount of people who bought or adhered to what was the provide. Using these tools will be able to put recipients who have opened but have not had the action you wanted on segments of your list that are more suited to your profiles.

Whether your business is large or small, there are features that your website must have to stand out in the market and especially to its customers.

A good business website should have an appealing and quality design. Aesthetics is important for the image of your brand and can even contribute to your success, since it has the power to, in addition to calling new people, manage to please and keep the customers you already have. But it’s not all about aesthetics. In order for the site to please as many people as possible, it is essential that it be functional and easy to use. Unfortunately it’s not enough to create a beautiful and easy-to-use site, you also need to position it in order to gain traffic. For this you need to bet on SEO. Using keywords and terminology that people often search online can help you get more potential customers to your site. If you are unfamiliar with these strategies you should look for a consultant or an agency specializing in SEO. Betting on ‘calls to action’ can also make a big difference to your business website. That is, it is not enough to advertise your products to get the attention of customers, you must have tools that require them to act in order to achieve greater engagement. Another thing that good business websites these days should also include are the tools for sharing on social networks. In addition to this being a call-to-action, it helps you publicize and strengthen your brand. Having the site optimized for the various browsers and for mobile as well as having all the information related to your company – especially address and contacts – are still important basic features that all good websites should contemplate.

HTTPS – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure – is the most common security protocol on the internet. It serves to help prevent attacks and prohibit data espionage.

HTTPS sites give reasonable assurance that the site is not fraudulent and that content and data are transmitted securely. Although HTTP is heavily used to access site information, when the site allows the user to interact with and send information – such as a login and a password, for example – that information is sent to the recipient in an unprotected way , with the risk of being intercepted and visualized without our knowledge. The HTTPS protocol adds a layer of security, which causes the data to be sent with encryption, making it imperceptible to anyone trying to view it. Why is it important to migrate your site to a secure environment? The internet is an open and free-to-use platform, which means that there is no real policing of existing content or how it is made available and exchanged, despite the measures taken by telecommunications operators. That is why it is important to protect your information and that of your users against attacks, fraud or identity theft. To have the site completely secure and fully benefit from SSL / TLS as well as get an SEO boost from it, it is critical to have the HTTPS protocol active on every page of your site. Although it is an extra cost, it does not make sense to row against the chain when secure sites are becoming the standard.

In a world where people increasingly navigate the Internet over mobile devices, a website that automatically fits the screen becomes indispensable.

With the advancement of technology, and with more and more mobile devices, the need to use a computer has been decreasing. With this in mind, websites have to be prepared for the various screen resolutions, such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc. That’s what responsive web design is, a fluid layout site that fits the screen so you do not need to develop multiple versions of the same site for the various resolutions.

Non responsive site

  • Same appearance regardless of resolution.
  • Easier to create.
  • Faster to create.
  • Display problems at very low or very high resolutions;
  • Low resolutions can cause horizontal navigation, making reading difficult;
  • High resolutions can cause the site to have too much empty space on the sides;
  • Difficulty dealing with changes in font size.

Responsive site

  • Can fill the browser screen with content for easy reading;
  • More dynamic page in font size adjustment;
  • All elements are spread across page space.
  • More difficult to create;
  • Different looks in different resolutions;
  • More time-consuming development.
Since April 21, 2015, Google penalizes all non-responsive sites, meaning a search on a Google search engine, non-responsive sites are in lower positions and thus less likely to be visited.
SEA is a way to ensure that your link appears on the first page where there are the most visits to sites. SEA ( Search Engine Advertising ) are ads that appear on search engines when certain keywords are used. This service is very used by businesses where there is a lot of competition for the same keyword (s) or when the site does not get a good position in the search engines through SEO. This is a way to ensure that the site link appears on the first page where there are the most visits to sites.

We can help you improve the position of your site.

Other pertinent readings: What is SEO? The SEA is cost-effective because what you pay is the number of clicks on the link, not the number of times it appears in the results. PPC (pay per click) is the term given to this model. There are others with less common use.
For example, if you buy 100 clicks on a keyword, when someone searches for that keyword, the link will appear in the results. If the person clicks the link to go to the site, there are 99 clicks remaining. However, if that person does not click on the link, even though it appeared in the search results, the number of clicks remains the same. There is no loss because everything that is paid will give to the site. When the number of clicks reaches 0, the link disappears from the results paid until the service is renewed. In general, users prefer to choose organic links. Still, if the user has to search with the intention of buying something, this tends to go to paid links because they are more specific to the product to buy. Also learn about SEO.

There is a lot of work to do before creating a website. Take a look and confirm these 10 points to have on your dream website.

1. Target audience

As a rule, people want a website for themselves and not for others. But the truth is that many times, what they need is one site for others, which is known as the target audience. Want a blog? Readers are the target audience. Website for online sales? The target audience is the buyers. Knowing your target audience should be the top priority to ensure the best results.

2. Objective

To be satisfied with a website you will need to think and reflect very well on what you want from it. Want a new website to sell your product or just a blog to inform people? Increase visits is your goal or ensure customer satisfaction? Each goal has a different end result.

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3. Content

Most important part of a website. Content, in both images and text, videos, etc., is what makes a website different from the others, which grabs the attention of the visitor and makes it come back. Finding out what kind of content fits your future site is something that few people value. Tutorials? Product Reviews? In content you should use the purpose of the site as a base and then adapt the content accordingly.

4. Organization & Structure

The organization and structure of a website should be taken into account before design . There must be logic in how the content appears on the page and what does not add value to the page should be removed. One of the methods used to see if the site is organized is to make the (possible) path of a visitor and confirm if it is something easy and intuitive.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Not all sites have SEO but everyone should have. Did you know that SEO helps to improve the position in the search engines so that the visitors arrive at the site without being through ads? When you search for something on Google, for example, the links that appear and your order are dependent on the SEO of the site itself. Other pertinent readings: What is SEO?

6. Domain

The domain is the address of the site, an address that takes us to the site. For example, this site is . It should be easy to memorize and can not have special characters like letters with accents or cedillas, among others.

7. Accommodation

Before choosing an accommodation, a comparison of the services offered with the services that your site needs should be made, not the price as is normal. As an example, some lodgings do not provide e-mail with the domain of the from www. ). Technical support should also be tested because if the site is down, this should be corrected as soon as possible so as not to lose clients / readers. Sending an email during the weekend and see if they respond immediately or if they wait until the weekday serves as a test. No one wants to have a website down over the weekend and wait for the weekday (losing visitors during that time) to be corrected.

8. Appearance, or design

Now more than ever, people decide their level of interest in the appearance of something. Did you know that a website has between one and five seconds to grab the visitor’s attention? If the content serves to grab people, the appearance ensures that the visitor stays the time needed to reach the content. A professional web designer becomes indispensable for this. Appearance is not only to make the site beautiful but to draw attention to various parts of the site, to emphasize the most important. Did you know that each color has an associated idea? For example, does blue give a professional air and project confidence while yellow shows joy and is used to draw attention to something? Choosing something as simple as color is more than because it “looks good.”

9. Maintenance

In an age where technology has made great strides in short periods of time, maintaining a website becomes a necessary routine more than ever. What today is safe and modern, tomorrow is open to attack and outdated. With the website ready, will you have the availability to update it to ensure it is at its best? Maybe hiring someone for this job is the best choice in the long run. It is something that should be thought before starting the site so there are certainties that will not be a bad investment even before it happens.

10. The website does not need to be perfect to be online

It’s no mistake. The truth is that a website is never perfect because there will always be changes to make. But constant supervision will ensure that the site is always as close to perfect as possible.
It is advisable to always ask a professional what is the best way forward to be satisfied with the result obtained and the site achieve all the objectives. Remember that what you want on your site and what it needs to reach the goals can be very different things

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try to find your site on a search engine using keywords, you never can?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve the positioning of your websites in search engines. That is, when someone searches for a keyword, the purpose of SEO is to make one or more of your pages appear among the first results.

We can help you improve the position of your site.

Did you know that on average a site that appears in the first position of the search query on the search engine has about 40% of the clicks while the second one has only 12% of clicks? The percentage of clicks decreases the lower the position. Between the first and second result is the greatest discrepancy of clicks. Advantages
  • Improve search engine placement results;
  • Get relevant visitors to your site content;
  • Increased sales, subscribers, etc.
  • It’s a medium / long term job;
  • If it is configured incorrectly, it can adversely affect the placement and may even lead to the removal of the site from the list of the results.

What is the site map?

The sitemap, also known as sitemap, is an organized list of pages on a website. This site map serves as an index that informs both the users and the search engines of the organization and the relationship between the pages in a simple and fast way. When we enter a site looking for something we do not find, an easy way to do this is to go to the site map where, as a general rule, the pages of the site are listed in an organized way. The site map, in addition to the page address, may contain other information such as the refresh rate or page priority compared to others. Although it does not change the position of the site in search engines, this optional information is used to know which pages the site owner considers most important or the last time the page was updated.
Search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, are already able to traverse the whole site and index, usually in a correct way, the content without the site map. However it is always advised to have one to help and improve this indexing. For example, recent sites often do not have many links, and search engines use those links to find pages. If you have a sitemap, it ensures that all pages are viewed by search engines. On the other hand, in sites with a lot of content, some pages may not be considered, which impairs the indexing of the site and consequently the position in the search engines. In general, search engines can index content properly, but a site map never harms, just helps.

Choosing the ideal web design company to run your website is one of the most difficult tasks to launch your business or company online.

We can help you with the web design of your site.

This is a decision that should not be taken lightly, remember that the website will be the ‘face’ of your online business and is not supposed to always be changing it drastically. Even before you look for a web design company to run your website, it is essential that you establish your budget and what you want to achieve with the site. These factors will help you narrow down your choices in the market and get better choices, but this is only the first phase of elimination.
web design
Once you get in touch with web design companies that look like potential you need to be aware of certain details that can make it, in fact, ideal for you. The ideal web design company should listen to your ideas but also present new and complementary ideas to yours. You should also have a multidisciplinary team that can accomplish everything you are looking for – with professionals such as designers, developers and marketers. It is important that the company develops its site with CMS (Content Management System) in mind, otherwise it will spend the time to call developer with new requests to update the site. Other factors that can value a web design company are: to be in the market for some time, to have experience in more than one area or industry, to follow the latest design trends and to have fair prices.