There is a lot of work to do before creating a website. Take a look and confirm these 10 points to have on your dream website.

1. Target audience

As a rule, people want a website for themselves and not for others. But the truth is that many times, what they need is one site for others, which is known as the target audience. Want a blog? Readers are the target audience. Website for online sales? The target audience is the buyers. Knowing your target audience should be the top priority to ensure the best results.

2. Objective

To be satisfied with a website you will need to think and reflect very well on what you want from it. Want a new website to sell your product or just a blog to inform people? Increase visits is your goal or ensure customer satisfaction? Each goal has a different end result.

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3. Content

Most important part of a website. Content, in both images and text, videos, etc., is what makes a website different from the others, which grabs the attention of the visitor and makes it come back. Finding out what kind of content fits your future site is something that few people value. Tutorials? Product Reviews? In content you should use the purpose of the site as a base and then adapt the content accordingly.

4. Organization & Structure

The organization and structure of a website should be taken into account before design . There must be logic in how the content appears on the page and what does not add value to the page should be removed. One of the methods used to see if the site is organized is to make the (possible) path of a visitor and confirm if it is something easy and intuitive.

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Not all sites have SEO but everyone should have. Did you know that SEO helps to improve the position in the search engines so that the visitors arrive at the site without being through ads? When you search for something on Google, for example, the links that appear and your order are dependent on the SEO of the site itself.

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6. Domain

The domain is the address of the site, an address that takes us to the site. For example, this site is . It should be easy to memorize and can not have special characters like letters with accents or cedillas, among others.

7. Accommodation

Before choosing an accommodation, a comparison of the services offered with the services that your site needs should be made, not the price as is normal. As an example, some lodgings do not provide e-mail with the domain of the from www. ). Technical support should also be tested because if the site is down, this should be corrected as soon as possible so as not to lose clients / readers. Sending an email during the weekend and see if they respond immediately or if they wait until the weekday serves as a test. No one wants to have a website down over the weekend and wait for the weekday (losing visitors during that time) to be corrected.

8. Appearance, or design

Now more than ever, people decide their level of interest in the appearance of something. Did you know that a website has between one and five seconds to grab the visitor's attention? If the content serves to grab people, the appearance ensures that the visitor stays the time needed to reach the content. A professional web designer becomes indispensable for this. Appearance is not only to make the site beautiful but to draw attention to various parts of the site, to emphasize the most important.

Did you know that each color has an associated idea? For example, does blue give a professional air and project confidence while yellow shows joy and is used to draw attention to something? Choosing something as simple as color is more than because it "looks good."

9. Maintenance

In an age where technology has made great strides in short periods of time, maintaining a website becomes a necessary routine more than ever. What today is safe and modern, tomorrow is open to attack and outdated. With the website ready, will you have the availability to update it to ensure it is at its best? Maybe hiring someone for this job is the best choice in the long run. It is something that should be thought before starting the site so there are certainties that will not be a bad investment even before it happens.

10. The website does not need to be perfect to be online

It's no mistake. The truth is that a website is never perfect because there will always be changes to make. But constant supervision will ensure that the site is always as close to perfect as possible.

It is advisable to always ask a professional what is the best way forward to be satisfied with the result obtained and the site achieve all the objectives. Remember that what you want on your site and what it needs to reach the goals can be very different things